If there is no Rolex, not others look down on you, but simply can not see you.

Rolex watches as one of the world’s top, why can continue to maintain heat for centuries?

In short, Rolex hard enough. Reliable, accurate, durable, these are the most shiny Rolex label.

  •     Have their own laboratories

Rolex in Switzerland, the headquarters of a number of laboratories, equipped with a strong research team. The team even has chemists and geologists. The team “obsessively” research and improve the various forms of table-related technologies: such as a chemical laboratory, specializing in how to make the production line running smoother lubricants, geologists study the purity of diamonds, as well as specialized personnel Responsible for the deployment of a unique Rolex gold.

They get 24K gold from the supplier, but will not be directly used in the table, but to get their own R & D team to get the 24K gold, with a golden color out of the deployment, not easy to fade, and difficult to oxidation and corrosion , Beautiful and durable, to create a unique Rolex gold used in the table.

  • All movements are manned and tested

In addition to the staff is not suitable for the assembly steps, Rolex from the movement to the bracelet by hand assembly. Historically, watchmakers have been able to certify their own precision timepieces, and there is a clear risk of fraud. In order to ensure the quality of precision timepieces, Rolex regardless of the cost and the additional time required, choose to watch the official certification. The movement is not only art, but also extraordinary micro-creation, combined with a variety of shapes, shapes, sizes, colors and surfaces, some finishes are polished, some with a round Pattern, making meticulous.


  • Rolex is no accessories supplier

A Rolex submariner (self-winding mechanical watch, movement model 3135) includes a total of more than 200 parts. This more than 200 parts, entirely by the Rolex factory in Switzerland, with crude steel, one by one forging, grinding, processing, assembly. In other words, the factory only from the outside into the raw materials, such as steel, gold, diamonds and so on.

All raw materials forging and post-processing, all in their own closed Rolex factory. Because of this, their technology is very confidential and independent, do not rely on any supplier, the outside world can not know the processing methods of these parts, processing molds and channels.

  • Watch the world only in the use of 904L Rolex steel

This type of steel has the following advantages: First, this type of steel, more corrosion-resistant than other steel and rust, and more solid. Second, it is clear that 904L of steel, polished bracelet and dial effect is more beautiful, whether it is frosted or smooth.

But 904L is more expensive than other steel, high cost. 904L steel because there is a drawback is that with the increase in hardness of steel, forging more difficult. Rolex in order to use this steel, had all the forging of steel with all the relevant raw plant line again. No watch business for the grinding of steel on the nuances, at all costs to the entire production line to change, and this cost is very high. It can be said that Rolex’s steel sheet is falling roar drop, do not know where to go than Omega high!

  • With sophisticated tabulation equipment

Compared with other watchmaking factory, Rolex has more sophisticated, advanced tabulation machine, and adhering to a tabulation concept: the machine and manual to the limit.

  •      Follow strict production process

From the beginning of the forging metal, processing parts, installation movement, assembly chain, testing, secondary testing, re-testing, to complete all the procedures, top Observatory precision timepieces, by the Swiss Precision Time Testing Center (COSC) certification and After the assembly by Rolex certification, packaging factory, takes about a year (although the annual output reached 1 million or more). Each Rolex is produced through a rigorous process, there is no shortcut.

So when you get a brand new Rolex watch from authorized dealers, do not doubt its quality, because this watch has been in the Rolex factory abuse do not know hundreds of back.

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